Friday, January 1, 2016

The First Post

Hi! I'm Christina - the woman behind A Musing Belle!

While it may seem like this is a brand new blog and I am brand new to blogging, this actually isn't my first rodeo. I started my first blog almost 3 years ago as a hobby to pass the time and share some recipes and fun DIY projects with friends. After a few months, I had a pretty big following, but unfortunately had to stop blogging due to personal reasons. Now I am finally starting a new blog {under the same name} but building it more around my own journey through life!


I believe there are {No Limits} in life. 
If you can you {Dream} it and {Imagine} it, then you can {Do} it. 

On a personal journey to discover all of the amazing opportunities life has to offer, my blog features a simple woman with her thoughts on how to inspire and guide others in their own lives. From creating new things and discovering new places, to fulfilling my own endeavors and simply living life, there should be something for everyone. I can't wait to share my journey through life with you!

I graduated college with a degree in communications and, shortly after, took a leap of faith with my now-husband and moved to Chicago to start creating more fulfilling lives for ourselves. I was blessed to {very} quickly find a reliable and lucrative job with a Fortune 500 company. However, after working in the corporate world for almost 6 years and still having a feeling that something was missing in my life, it was time to part ways.

Since then, I got married, got a job I love and am passionate about, and had so many other wonderful things happen in my life!

I still reside in Chicago with my husband, 3 dogs and 2 cats {yes, I really have 5 furbabies}. I love my job as an event planner for the Midwest’s largest “No Kill” animal welfare non-profit organization planning several fundraising galas each year for a cause I am deeply passionate about {saving the lives of homeless animals}. During my free time you can find me thinking about life, exploring new places, seeking out adventure, making fun new things, cuddling with my dogs and cats, and occasionally being an assistant to my photographer husband.


I am a huge people-person. Thus, I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions,  opinions, etc. on my posts. You can also me email me at or via the Contact page. Or you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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